Pool Mega Disk


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KDF media has been tested by the National Science Foundation and received NSF certification standards 42 and 61. Our reticulated KDF is currently used in commercial & residential applications, including the filtration of drinking water.

6″ disk which fits directly into pool skimmer. No plumbing or installation required. Eliminates the use of chemicals with little or no chlorine. One disk will handle up to 15,000 gallons of pool volume. You must use one disk in each filter basket if you have more than one. If your pool is larger than 15,000 gallons and you only have one filter basked you should use two disks in the one filter basked for pools up to 30,000 gallons.

How does the Mega Disk work? Its an all-natural process utilizing catalytic action & redox (reductions/oxidation) principal of dissimilar metals, made possible by our unique reticulated KDF media. When the pool water comes in contact with the KDF disc, a reaction takes place that forms copper & zinc hydroxides. These controlled releases purify the water creating a conditioned, stable environment that prevents scale & bacteria growth.

The Mega Disk is 6″ diameter X 2″ height. The discs are flexible and slightly oversized, offering universal compatibility. If necessary, the discs can be trimmed down to fit, just remember that a snug fit is best. If your pool has multiple skimmers, a Mega Disk must be placed in each skimmer.

If your pool is greater than 15,000 gallons, multiple skimmer baskets with a Mega Disk in each is required. Example: a 30,000 gallon pool must have 2 skimmers with a Mega Disk in each skimmer to use the Mega Disk system. If a 30,000 gallon pool has only one skimmer, 2 Mega Disk discs can’t be stacked on top of each other to achieve desired results (circulation will be too limited).

While chemical additives are not required in most cases, an oxidizing shock can be used in conjunction our technology to boost performance. The Mega Disk is compatible with non-chlorine shock (MPS) & we highly recommend you only use that type for best results. We’d recommend adding 50% of what the manufacturer of the non-chlorine shock recommends. The disc does not need to be removed when using a non-chlorine shock oxidizer. When using chlorine based shock, we recommend removing the Mega Disk for a 12-24 hour period to let the chlorine dissipate.

If you wish to use a sanitizer for added protection, we recommend using a hydrogen peroxide based sanitizer, as it won’t cause irritation and will not effect the Mega Disk System’s capacity. Again, when using the Mega Disk system, only a very small amount would be needed. We’d recommend adding 50% of what the manufacturer of the sanitizer recommends. The Mega Disk do not need to be removed when using this type of sanitizer.

If you have been using the Baquacil Chemical Treatment System or another Biguanide based chemical treatment system, please be advised. When switching from Baquacil to another other treatment system (including the Mega Disk), certain steps must be taken prior to conversion.