Quick Drain Your Hot Tub


Drain and clean your 400 gallon hot tub in 30 minutes flat with QuickDrain.

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The QuickDrain drains hot tubs at a rate of 10-12 gallon per minute. Plus you can vacuum out any debris at the bottom of your hot tub as you drain. Quick drain hot tub is much easier than attaching a hose to you hot tubs drain plug and waiting for what seems like an eternity. With the QuickDrain you can empty your 400 gallon hot tub in 30 minutes flat.

How to Use It.

All you need to do is put the devices wand into the water and shake it to prime. Then use the wand end to quickly vacuum sand from the bottom of your hot tub.

Quick drain does not require electricity and no set up is required.

Note that QuickDrain works using a siphon and requires that the hot tub be above ground to work.