Natural Spa
Our Best Selling Chlorine Free Hot Tub Water Treatment

How to Achieve a Chlorine Free Natural Hot Tub Experience 

If your skin is sensitive to hot tub chlorine and bromine or you're health conscious and concerned about soaking in toxic chemicals then learn more about Clarity for Spas' chlorine free hot tub solutions below.

 A Chlorine Free Hot Tub Solution Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Skin sensitivity to toxic chlorine and bromine are actually the leading causes of hot tub rash. That's right, the very same toxic chemicals intended to prevent hot tub problems often cause the problems in many people with sensitive skin.

Clarity for Spas Natural Spa is the original non-toxic
enzyme based chlorine free natural hot tub water treatment 
that makes it easy to avoid toxic chemicals in your hot tub.

Best of all Natural Spa is a healthy product that does not cause any type of skin irritation. Natural Spas proprietary blend of food grade natural enzymes enhances your hot tubs filtration system to keep your water clean and clear so you can enjoy your hot tub again.

Our Natural Hot Tub Treatment Works in 3 Ways:

Powerful Cleaner

Natural Spa contains Clarity Water's proprietary blend of powerful food grade enzymes that are strong enough to break down oils, lotions, perspiration, urine, and other unwanted materials in your hot tub. All without the unbearable smells and unwanted effects of toxic chemical solutions.

Flocking Agents

Natural Spa contains flocking agents that cause solid hot tub water contaminants to naturally bond to each other to be trapped and cleaned out by your filter, keeping your water clean without using several chemical additives to do the job.

Natural Water & Skin Softening

No more waterline chemical deposits. Natural Spa helps protect your plumbing & equipment from chemical build up. Natural Spa will not dry out your skin like traditional hot tub chemicals . Natural Spa is non-allergenic with natural moisturizers that makes the water feel silky and soften your skin.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can easily get started on your healthy and chlorine free natural hot tub experience.


Clean Your Hot Tub
With Crystal Clean

Simply adding our citric acid based all natural hot tub cleaner to your hot tub water will remove months or years of chemical buildup from your hot tubs plumbing, jets and heating system.  Just rinse your filters, drain the dirty water following the recommended cleaning period and your ready to go.


Add Natural Spa

Fill your hot tub with clean municipal or well water. Perform an initial shock of the new water to make sure your tubs system is clear of all algae and mold spores, Set the temperature and filtration cycles. Add a bottle of Natural Spa directly to your hot tub water.


Enjoy Your
Chlorine Free Hot Tub

Once you've added Natural Spa to the water and the water reaches your desired temperature you can start enjoying your hot tub. Don't worry about the pH, alkalinity, etc. Unlike traditional chemicals Natural Spa works in a very wide range of pH and will help stabilize the water. Optional use of the provided chlorine  free shock will help with the occasional large bather loads.

Clarity Waters chlorine free hot tub water treatment will keep your hot tub water clean and clear for up to two months (or 40 bathing uses). Unlike chlorine and bromine, Natural Spa will not dissipate or evaporate out of the water on its own, so you can leave the tub for a few days and enjoy your vacations, or other everyday events without worry.


​Customer stories

Gil uses Natural Spa  Natural Hot Tub Treatment

Gill T. - La Jolla, CA

I have been using Natural Spa for years, and love it! I used to struggle getting the chemicals in balance, and hated the feel & idea of toxins on my skin. My hot tub water maintenance is down to dumping a Natural Spa bottle in once a month. 

Allen and Denise

Alan & Denise - San Diego, CA

We love your product! We no longer have to worry about taking our 11 month old son in the Jacuzzi. No more chlorine film on your skin. Thank you!

Yvette C of Davis Ca

Yvette C.- Davis, CA

I've been meaning to contact you to let you know how happy we are with Clarity for Spas. The products performs as promised (a great thing in my opinion). We love the fact that we are no longer soaking in chlorine.

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Natural Spa
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Chlorine Free Hot Tub Water Treatment Starter Kit
Our Best Selling Natural Hot Tub Treatment
  • 3 Bottle of Natural Spa (up to 6 months treatment)
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  • 1 free 1lb bag of chlorine free shock
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Natural Spa
Mini Start Up Kit

Natural Spa Non-Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit
  • 1 bottle of Natural Spa (up to 2 months treatment)
  • 1 bottle Crystal Clean 
  • 1 free 1lb. bag of chlorine free shock
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    100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
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You Owe It to Yourself and Your Family
to Give Clarity For Spas Natural Spa a Try

Clarity Water is the pioneer of alternative chlorine free hot tub water treatments. Natural Spa was originally invented to treat industrial cooling water to reduce the handling of dangerous chlorine chemicals by workers. The product was found to work incredibly well in warm circulating water systems.

One day in 1995 Clarity Water's founder thought to himself that his unique powerful enzyme formula might very well be a great treatment for a hot tub. After all, a hot tub is a warm circulating water system. Guess where he was when he had this thought. Yes, sitting in his toxic chlorinated hot tub. That was the birth of the first all natural hot tub water treatment and conditioner, Natural Spa.

Though others have tried to replicate the original formula into their own products, Clarity's Natural Spa formula is constantly updated to provide the best results possible to both new and our satisfied return customers year after year since 1995.


You are fully protected by our 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all after using the first bottle of Natural Spa, simply return the unused bottles of Natural Spa and contact us within 90 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a full refund. If Natural Spa doesn't work to your satisfaction we're the losers not you.

Questions: Call Carl direct at (509) 426-3145 (please no telemarketing calls to this number) to get your questions answered.