What is Natural Spa?

natural spa hot tub water treatment solution

The Natural Spa is the finest, gentlest, easiest-to-use spa water conditioner on the market today.

It was developed as a safe, easy-to-use product for industrial cooling towers, where algae, scale, corrosion and disease causing virus and bacteria are a serious problem. We needed a product that would keep the water clean, prevent scale from forming, and last more than a week in hot, fast moving water.

Our unique formula of natural enzymes, minerals, and plant extracts worked perfectly!

Because cooling towers constantly drain and refill with water, the product was drained out with the water. That made it impractical to use for that application.

However, when added to water that was not drained daily, had high heat and circulation, such as in your spa, this remarkable product maintained the highest quality water imaginable.

The water is noticeably softer, stays very clear, has no odor, no foam, and does not irritate the eyes or skin. Perfect conditions for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

You Really Can't Afford Not To,
At the Very Least,
Try Natural Spa in Your Hot Tub

Natural Spa Non-Chlorine Complete Startup Kit

Natural Spa Complete No Chlorine Startup Kit

Include 3 bottles of Natural Spa (lasts up to 6 month),
one bottle of Crystal Clean and a FREE bag of non-chlorine shock.

Price: $98.95 - FREE SHIPPING