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Former CareFree Spa Customers Turn to Natural Spa by

After 27 years in business CareFree Spa Inc. has closed its doors.

Carefree Spa Inc. provided a natural enzyme based toxic-free hot tub water treatment product to thousands of hot tub owners from all over the world. The product was called The Naturel Spa and promised to eliminate the maintenance and health effects of toxic chlorine in their customers hot tubs.

The website at and currently redirects former CarefreeSpa customers to four similar products created by other companies. One of which is our product called, Natural Spa, by Clarity Water Products. It should be noted. by former Carefree Spa customers. that our Natural Spa is the most similar to the Carefree Spa natural hot tub treatment process. In fact, our product, Natural Spa, is an updated version of the CareFree Spa product when the companies were split into two separate entities in the late 1990s.

So, if you like the process that Carefree Spa provided for your hot tub and do not wish to change that process drastically, we recommend that you start using our products at this time. Our product, Natural Spa, is directly compatible with Carefree Spa’s products and will not require a conversion. Additionally, our Crystal Clean is a direct replacement for Carefree Spa’s Citri- Clean. Plus, if you wish to step up your hot tub experience to a mineral bath like experience, our Mineral Spa is the next step you should consider. Mineral Spa is also directly compatible with CareFree Spa Inc.’s products and does not require a major conversion.

In conclusion, Natural Spa by is an excellent solution for former Carefree Spa customers looking for a direct replacement to their previous system. It offers advanced technology, cost savings, and reliability. Natural Spa also offers access to great customer service and support that is available with a simple phone call. With Natural Spa, CareFree Spa users will be able to continue managing their hot tubs in the way they have come to love and have a more efficient experience overall.

If you have any questions concerning our products please call us at 208-620-0250.

You can view our complete line of natural hot tub products at and click on the Hot Tub Products link in the top menu.