Mineral Spa Hot Tub – Chemical Free – Complete Hot Tub Conversion Kit


Convert from Chlorine or Bromine to the all-natural Mineral Spa and enjoy a hot spring in your back yard.


Turn your hot tub into a natural hot spring with all the detoxing benefits of our Mineral Spa Hot Tub complete Chlorine-free Start-Up Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to convert your hot tub to a natural water treatment from chlorine or bromine. You do not need this kit if you are reordering more Mineral Spa for your hot tub or if you are converting from Natural Spa to Mineral Spa.


One bottle of Mineral Spa – ($129.95 value)

  • One Mineral Spa treatment lasts up to 8 months in a 500-gallon spa!
  • De-Tox while you Relax!
  • Keeps Your Water Sparkling Clear – With No Other Chemicals!
  • No Testing, No Balancing, No Clarifiers, No Shocking, No Foam!
  • All Natural – Non-Irritating – Odor Free!
  • No Rash or Itchy Skin – Guaranteed!
  • This is what you’ve been waiting for!

One bottle of Crystal Clean – ($24.95 value)

  • This citric acid based spa and hot tub cleaner safely dissolves corrosive chemical build-up, stains, scale, and hard water deposits. Makes your spa like new again!
  • Use this product to clean your hot tub before adding Mineral Spa.

We throw in one Free bag of Non-Chlorine Shock – ($6.95 value)

  • Use this product to solve minor clarity and order issues in your hot tub
  • Helps burn up organic contaminants,
  • clarify water, get rid of odors quickly.
  • Fast-acting! Leaves no harmful residue.
  • Also lowers pH and alkalinity
  • Add more bags of shock to save on shipping.

NOTE: You will most likely need more Non-Chlorine Shock – We recommend that you add at least two extra bags of non-chlorine shock to your order to take advantage of the free shipping.

Buy this Complete Kit Today – a $161.85 value for just $149.95 – Plus you get Free Shipping*


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