Natural Spa Chlorine Free Hot Tub Treatment


Natural Spa is the original All Natural Hot Tub Water Treatment. Get Natural Spa by the bottle or save money with our 6 pack. Each bottle is designed for natural hot tub water treatment for up to 2 months or 40 bathing uses, whichever comes first.

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The Natural Spa

The easy to use, all-natural hot tub water treatment enzyme that keeps your spa water clean, clear, and comfortable with NO toxic chemicals – no shocking – no pH balancing – no de-foamers – no clarifiers. Perfect for any acrylic, fiberglass, hard plastic, or in-ground spa with a hard foam cover. Not for use in pools, ponds, wooden hot tubs or uncovered spas.– one bottle does it all

Powerful Cleaner: It contains food-grade enzymes that are strong enough to break down oils, lotions, sweat, urine, and other unwanted materials. All without the smells and undesired effects of chemical solutions.

Flocking Agents: Solid contaminants are clumped together so they can be cleaned out by your filter, keeping your water naturally clean without chemicals.

Natural Hot Tub Water and Skin Softening Agents: No more water line-scale deposits. It helps protect your equipment from scale build-up to keep it running smoothly. Will not dry out your skin like traditional hot tub chemicals. Our natural hot tub water treatment has natural moisturizers derived from coconut oils that will leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.

Never Scrub Your Spa Again: The Natural Spa will keep your water clean and clear for up to two months (or 40 bathing uses), so you can go off and enjoy your vacations, or other everyday events without worry.

Clarity’s Natural Spa natural hot tub water treatment is not a sanitizer, biocide, or pesticide. The EPA will only register a product as a sanitizer, biocide, or pesticide if it contains an “active ingredient” that is toxic or deadly to animals or plants. Clarity’s Natural Spa does not contain any “active ingredient” listed by the EPA, OSHA, or the NSF. Therefore the product can not be registered as a pesticide, algaecide, or biocide.

If you are at all sensitive to chlorine or bromine in your hot tub, then Natural Spa might be the solution.

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