Mineral Spa – Hot Tub Water Treatment


Mineral Spa Hot Tub Water Treatment turns your hot tub into a detoxifying natural hot spring.

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One treatment lasts up to 8 months in a 500 gallon spa!
It sounds incredible, unbelievable even, because all of us got a box full of chemicals along with our spa, test kits to check for half a dozen different chemical levels, instruction books, and even a Video to show us what we have to do every day to maintain the water in our hot tub.
Note – If you are converting directly from chlorine or bromine to Mineral Spa we highly recommend our Mineral Spa Startup Kit for your first treatment.
NO MORE! Mineral Spa changes all that – for the better.
Just fill your spa and pour it in and from that moment on you can escape to your own private, peaceful mountain resort to enjoy the calm, soothing effect of a hot, healing mineral spring – without leaving your yard.
You bought your spa for comfort and relaxation – not to be a slave to chemicals, testing, balancing, shocking and clarifying – right?
Now because of Mineral Spa you can do just that!
The circulation of the water in your hot tub makes the mineral formula do its job; breaking down contaminants, eliminating odors and cleaning the water. All you do is let the spa run, the way it likes to, and it keeps itself clean!

You deserve to do less work, avoid the chemical hassle, and have more time to relax in hot, healing water that’s always clean, clear and ready to soak in – Now you can!


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