Hot Tub Vacuum


Sick and tired of sand and debris at the bottom or your hot tub? Get it out with the Quick Vac.

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Hot Tub Vacuum: Debris, Sand and Grit Removal For Your Above Ground Hot Tub, Spa or Pool

Primary Use:

QuickVac was designed and developed to be a quick, convenient, effective and value priced vacuum for above ground Hot Tub’s, Spas and Kid’s Pools.

Excellent vacuum for hot tub’s and spas.
Easily vacuums out silt, sand, hair, lint and grit.

More effective, with stronger suction than the hot tub vacuums supplied with most kids splasher pools and wading pools.

Primary Function: Hot Tub Vacuum

Vacuum a 5-6 person hot tub in less that 5 minutes.

Uses: Above ground: Hot-Tubs & Spas, Kid’s Splasher Pools, Wading Pools, Fountains & Ponds

Any above ground water source.


Easy to use: Simply shake it to prime and you’re vacuuming your hot tub. No need to constantly pump, lift or squeeze.
Speed: It’s the fastest hot tub vacuum on the market. Insert, shake & vacuum – You’ll be done in minutes.
No Set-up Required: It comes fully assembled and no set-up is required.
Safe: No electricity is required. Works in all weather conditions.


For use in Above Ground applications only. QuickVac will not vacuum any in-ground body of water.
For use in Water only. QuickVac is not to be used in, or close to any, dangerous or flammable liquids, chemicals or materials.

Quick vac uses siphon action to remove the dirt, debris, and grit that accumulate in your spa. Just insert the suction tube into your spa, shake the tube, and the quick vac goes to work quickly removing debris and transporting it out of the spa through the discharge hose. It is just amazing how much suction the siphon develops, removing glass, pebbles, sand, and leaves. The quick vac discharge hose is 8-feet long and drains about one-gallon per minute. Spot clean in as little as 3 or 4 minutes.