Mineral Spa Natural Hot Tub Startup Kit

Mineral Spa Hot Tub – Complete Start-Up Kit

$161.85 $149.95

Convert from Chlorine or Bromine to the all natural Mineral Spa and enjoy a hot spring in your back yard.

Product Description

Turn your hot tub into a natural hot spring with all the detoxing benefits of our Mineral Spa Hot Tub complete No Chlorine Start-Up Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to convert your hot tub to a natural water treatment.


One bottle of Mineral Spa – ($129.95 value)

  • One Mineral Spa treatment lasts up to 8 months in a 500 gallon spa!
  • De-Tox while you Relax!
  • Keeps Your Water Sparkling Clear – With No Other Chemicals!
  • No Testing, No Balancing, No Clarifiers, No Shocking, No Foam!
  • All Natural – Non Irritating – Odor Free!
  • No Rash or Itchy Skin – Guaranteed!
  • This is what you’ve been waiting for!

One bottle of Crystal Clean – ($24.95 value)

  • This citric acid based spa and hot tub cleaner safely dissolves corrosive chemical build-up, stains, scale and hard water deposits. Makes your spa like new again!
  • Use this product to clean your hot tub prior to adding Mineral Spa.

We throw in one Free bag of Non-Chlorine Shock – ($6.95 value)

  • Use this product to solve minor clarity and order issues in your hot tub
  • Helps burn up organic contaminants,
  • clarify water, get rid of odors quickly.
  • Fast acting! Leaves no harmful residual.
  • Also lowers pH and alkalinity
  • Add more bags of shock to save on shipping.

NOTE: You will most likely need more Non-Chlorine Shock – We recommend that you add at least two extra bags of non-chlorine shock to your order to take advantage of the free shipping.

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