About Us

We are Water Treatment Professionals.
Clarity Water specializes in Chemical-free water treatment products and systems.

We DO NOT sell hot tubs, bar-b-ques, pool tables, or patio furniture. Since 1985 we have served our customers by helping them maintain their water with less work, lower costs, fewer problems, and with no toxic chemicals.

Now you can really enjoy your spa with the least amount of effort. Literally tens of thousands of spa owners no longer use Bromine, Chlorine, or Biguanide, and it’s because of the knowledge and expertise that we share with you.

Chemical free is all we do. We have years of experience in this specialized field of water treatment; we bring you the best products at the best price for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable water.

Be Good to Yourself: Surround Yourself in Healthier Water. Our products are guaranteed to perform to the highest standards, and are simply the best products for the best price.