No Chlorine Natural Spa Start Up Kit for Hot Tubs

No Chlorine Natural Spa Complete Hot Tub Startup Kit

$106.95 $98.95

Purchase this kit to get everything you need to get started converting you hot tub from chlorine or bromine to Natural Spa the all natural hot tub water treatment.

Product Description

This kit includes 3 bottles of Natural Spa, (approx. 6 Month Supply)  and 1 bottle of Crystal Clean & 1 Free bag of Non-Chlorine Shock.

Not for use in pools, ponds, wooden hot tubs, spas or hot tubs without insulating covers. Clarity’s Natural Spa is not a sanitizer, biocide, or pesticide. The EPA will only register a product as a sanitizer, biocide or pesticide if it contains an “active ingredient” that is toxic or deadly to animals and/or plants. Clarity’s Natural Spa does not contain any “active ingredient” listed by the EPA, OSHA, or the NSF. Therefore the product can not be registered as a pesticide, algaecide, or biocide.

NOTE: You will most likely need more Non-Chlorine Shock – We recommend that you add at least two extra bags of non-chlorine shock to your order to take advantage of the free shipping.


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